First restaurant in Europe with a menu exclusively of Mexican wines.

Torino is home to the most authentic Mexican restaurant in all of Europe. Thanks to Tony Giron's vision of taking Mexican gastronomy to another level. Tony had dreamed of sharing the best of Mexico in Italy for many years, until he decided to make that great dream a delicious reality.


The Kiss is the name of this emblematic place in the city of Torino, Italy. Along with his team: Chef Jerry Sánchez and his head chef Roberto Rodríguez take diners to Mexico in seconds. From the smells to the mix of typical ingredients, there is no doubt that what is being tasted is 100% Mexican.


Tony wanted even more authenticity and to continue innovating, so by chance he met Elsa Fuger, founder of Vino Mexicano in Europe, and together they created a wine list according to their dishes. On the menu we can find food from the Bajío, as well as tacos al pastor and a cochinita pibil from Mérida, so on that trip through Mexico they paired a selection of wines from all regions.


From a Chardonnay from Querétaro, to a Cabernet Sauvignon from Coahuila and of course labels from Baja California. This being the first restaurant in Europe with the most authentic menu and the first time with an incredible variety of wines to accompany. Definitely a place to visit and an opportunity to feel like in Mexico but in Europe.

We invite you to visit : El Beso Torino

Text : Elsa Fuger Photography: VAGA estudio