• Pale straw yellow with lemon green flashes, typical of its youth. Intense aroma of tropical fruits and flowers. Lychees, guavas, syrup, apple, peaches, melon and acacia flowers, jasmine, and tuberose. Very elegant and refreshing on the palate. Dominating tropical fruits, mango, guava, pear, banana, and citrus, jasmine flowers, with good persistence.

  • Garnet-red wine with a medium-high layer and notes of ripe fruit, spices, and elegant tannins, ideal for sharing red meat and chocolate.

  • Intense carmine red with terracotta nuances. Complex and very elegant, with aromas reminiscent of ripe fruits such as figs and plums, as well as dates, roses, cashews, wood, and forest. Elegant, powerful, and meaty on the palate. With extremely round sweet tannins, which give the wine a great body, with a fragrance of lavender, vanilla, caramel, roses, carnations, oak, pepper, cinnamon, chocolate, blueberries, blackberries, and plums. Its stay in the mouth is long and pleasant.
  • Cascabel


    Grenache is an expressive ensemble with a lot of personality. Dark and bright garnet red color. The nose is open and frank, with aromas of red fruit, cherry, currant, red and blue cranberries, with spicy notes, vanilla, cloves, anise, tobacco leaves, wet stone, and graphite. Fresh, pleasant, and clear on the palate, with a lot of presence, present, well-integrated tannins. Primary fruit flavors, spices, mineral notes, and barrel aging. Precise, complete, with a lot of potentials and a long finish. A wine with an aging potential of up to 10 years or more. Ideal for appetizers of a certain intensity, hams, cured cheeses, sausages, chorizo, elaborate stews and stews, grilled vegetables, and cuts of meat.  
  • Traditional method sparkling wine, straw yellow color, fine bubbles, pleasant acidity, goes well with any food.
  • Rosé red with golden sparkles, clean and bright. Of great aromatic intensity, extremely elegant. Aromas of tropical fruits such as guava, apple, pear, pineapple, random flowers, and jasmine. Enveloping, refreshing, and expressive on the palate, with integrated and elegant permanence. Its aromas remind us of acacia flowers, honey, pears, white roses, citrus, and apple, as well as pastries and almonds.
  • Deep red color, medium-high intensity, notes of black fruits, roasted bell peppers, and spices, ideal to accompany mature cheeses and red meats.
  • Clean and bright wine of greenish yellow color, aromas of white peach, litchi and Valencian melon, serve with foie confit or desserts.
  •   Garnet red wine of medium-high intensity, with notes of ripe black fruits, vanilla, walnuts, and silky tannins. Accompany by stews and red meats. 24 months in barrel.
  • A chardonnay that is so different and with a lot of structure. We have a wine that is so gentle and nice at the palate. It has elegant notes of the barrique and it personality itself of tenderness around the mouth, a long ending. It is a big pleasure and excellent gift and a travel to the mexican terroir in just one sip.
  •   Vivid pink with red reflections, bright and dense. On the nose red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon and floral notes of roses are perceived. On the palate, it is fresh and silky, with good volume, and unctuous, balanced natural acidity that remains and accompanies the aromas.
  • Port-like wine, purple hue with orange glints, aroma of dried fruits in combination with plum and fig, sweet and cedar entry, ideal for chocolate desserts.
  •   It is a very smooth gold white wine, aromatically very intense with notes of red fruits, ideal to accompany seafood and white meats.
  • 20 months in French, European, and American oak barrels. Great structure with round tannins, medium acidity, and a good balance between aromas and flavors. Ideal to accompany red meats, beef carpaccios, mature cheeses, nuts, and grilled food
  •   6 months in French, European, and American oak barrels. Ideal to accompany small game white meats such as partridges, quails, and very delicate white meats in salons due to the presence of tannins with low acidity.
  • Intense purple color. Floral aromas, aniseed, cherries, spices, licorice, roses, and a touch of wood. In the mouth, great structure, excellent balance, silky tannins, and vibrant acidity. Flavors of raspberry, blackberry, cherry, pomegranate, and elegant spices. Ideal to accompany cuts of cane, suckling pig, risotto, polenta, and gnocchi.
  • Ruby red color, elegant, with an imposing and harmonious character. Floral aromas such as violet and spicy notes. On the palate On the palate, we find a great structure, with elegant tannins and a long finish on the palate. Ideal to accompany roast salmon, pork ribs, or lamb  
  • Vol 750ml Cherry red, bright, and clean. Aromas of sour strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry with fresh flowers. Good acidity, fresh. Long and balanced.
  •   Intense and bright cherry red color with purple trim. Floral and fruity aromatic complexity with some spices. Long, intense, and balanced with well-polished tannins.


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